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PowerLung is the only product specifically designed to train and strengthen all the muscles you use when you inhale and exhale. This enhances your breathing muscles for greater flexibility, endurance and relaxation.

The PowerLung Sport provides a serious workout at a high level of resistance. It offers users the optimum in isolated threshold resistance strength training. Who gets the most benefit from PowerLung Sport?

  • Elite athletes, professional and amateurs who strenuously train 4 or more hours per week,
  • People whose occupations demand intense oxygen delivery such as fire, police, rescue personnel and divers to name but a few
  • People whose occupations, or vocations, require strong breath control activity such as those who act, sing, play brass and woodwind instruments or are public speakers.

Each of these groups of people are accustomed to breath control and using it to address the demands placed on their respiratory system during work of play.

PowerLung does what wind sprints, breath control, yoga, pilates, or deep breathing exercise can not do. PowerLung strength trains your breathing muscles so they can meet the demands you place on your respiratory system. PowerLung makes any breath control activity or exercise more effective.

Choose this model if

  • You are in excellent physical and aerobic condition
  • You would consider yourself an elite athlete on the conditioning level of someone in Navy SEALs, Special Ops or SOCOM community.
  • You want to assure every breath gives you the most your body can give
  • You want to perfect managing your breathing to improve your performance for racing or performing well in your job.

This model is not meant for the casual user or even those who activity is moderate to high.



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