SEALFIT Submersible WOD Shorts

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Because we are both CrossFit athletes and swimmers, we had to come up with a short that would not only be multi-functional, but built to last. They are designed to be high-speed and low-drag with a shorter performance out-seam and lighter fabric than traditional WOD shorts. They are perfect for being fully submersed in water during an Navy SEAL style workout or surfing --- or use them for a CrossFit WOD to ensure maximum mobility and movement. These are not your standard WOD shorts, and can be used for biking, Iron-man and more. The SEALFIT SUBMERSIBLES have a fitted waist and excess Velcro on standard WOD shorts has been removed. Because the SUBMERSIBLES are made up of 4-way stretch fabric, we also removed the side slit so they look more like "normal" shorts, allowing you to wear them for any occasion. From the bottom up, the SEALFIT SUBMERSIBLES are ready to take on any challenge.


  • Antimicrobial, ultra-light complete 4-way stretch body
  • Ultra moisture wicking material
  • Nylon cord, allowing you to adjust fast and effectively without pinching or binding and the cord won't get water logged
  • Industry first waist pocket that is half mesh to make sure NO water sits in the pocket
  • Side pocket is fixed with 2 grommet drain holes to drain water fast and effectively
  • Specifically designed with competitive adventure racing/mud runs/triathlons in mind
  • The 17" out-seam, streamlined, performance design has allowed us to completely remove the side slit

Reviews (3)

Rae Jan 3rd 2018

Submersible WOD Shorts

Great piece of kit to wear and very comfortable doing anything. I wear them at morning boot camp and swimming. Stretch fabric means there is no discomfort at all during activities and the stretch pockets are perfect size and secure for phone & keys if you carry them. I even wear them during the day they are so comfortable.

Ricardo A. Laremont Sep 12th 2017

Great product

I just recently purchased these shorts after reading a blog recommending them. Like the blog author, I completely agree that these shorts are well constructed. They are light, comfortable and durable. I like the larger pocket to fit a phone and the smaller pockets for keys and my FitBit. I mostly have used these for running long distances but can see them being used on hikes and tough workouts. Good job!

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